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The Dental Crown Is One Of Most Important Technologies Nowadays

Technology is always expanding its borders and another fairly new breakthrough has found its way into people’s lives. In fact, it’s found its way right into their mouths! What it is is Cerec dentistry. If you say you nave never heard of it before, then you are certainly not the only one, because it is fairly new. Cerec (ceramic restoration) is the name of a company that produces the equipment to manufacture crowns and onlays with a system called “Computer-assisted-design-Computer-assisted-manufactured” or CAD-CAM” CAD-CAM technology eliminates the wait that used to be associated with crown and onlay manufacturing.

Traditional manufacturing of crowns requires at least two visits to the dentist; one to grind down the tooth and take an impression, then fit the tooth with a temporary crown, which the patient has to wear for two to three weeks. Then another visit is required to have the final crown placed. Often, the temporary crown can be very uncomfortable to wear and then there is the added discomfort of having to have it removed and the permanent crown placed. This is all very time consuming and costly to the patient. With a Cerec crown, the second trip, and the discomfort of the temporary crown, is completely eliminated.

As mentioned earlier, Cerec stands for ceramic restoration. Each crown is made from a single block of ceramic that is manufactured right in the dentist’s office in about 20 minutes. The system digitally measures everything to fit your mouth precisely, so it’s very comfortable and the ceramic material is extremely durable as well. It also has the added bonus of a more natural tooth look, which of course is more cosmetically pleasing. In fact, many dentists specializing in cosmetics are big users of this technology.

Dental crowns, whether temporary or permanent, require a few days of aftercare in order to keep them in place. Here are some tips to help you take care of your crowns:

Avoid chewing raw vegetables, hard foods, walnuts, sticky foods such as candy and bubble gum.

Refrain from spitting hard for some time, as it can dislodge the crowns.

Follow a soft and healthy diet, such as milk, juices, soups, cornflakes and rice.

Avoid food that is too hot or too cold, as your teeth might become very sensitive after the procedure.

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