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Tooth Stained Make The Smile Ugly

Everybody begins with beautiful white teeth simply because of the enamel that’s there to safeguard our teeth from eating, stress and acids from sugars. As we get more mature, this tooth enamel wears down and reveals the yellow-colored dentin beneath, which is the tooth’s core materials. After many years of eating, micro-cracks take place in the tooth enamel enabling food particles and unsightly stains to dull the teeth and they lose their gleaming white looks. Teeth whitening kits that consist of solutions of carbamide peroxide get rid of unsightly stains and dirt. Several cracks fill in and re-mineralizes with saliva whilst others are allowed to remain open and exposed to natural and organic build up.

There are two kinds of teeth stains. They are innate and external. Unsightly stains that develop within the inside of the teeth are innate stains. They result from getting older, direct exposure to minerals and increased ingestion of fluoride. Dental surgeons do have take home solutions to take care of the interior stains, however it can take as much as one year to see benefits. Unsightly stains on the surface area of the teeth are external. They appear simply because of typical deterioration as well as exposure to discoloration food and fluids. Stubborn external stains need teeth whitening with a product for example dental curing light to get rid of.

Red wine — ah… that intoxicating sweetness in a bottle. Yes, this fermented grape juice has its legions of fans, who shell out top dollars for the heady pleasure it affords. Think of red wine, and it conjures images of classy dinners, glamorous functions and fun wine-tasting sessions with friends and family. But, wine-lovers know a darker side to their indulgence – purple teeth, more befitting of Count Dracula. The red dye from the grape skin color your teeth, lips, and tongue purple. The wine sugars work in concert to make the sticky mess adhere to all nooks and crannies within its contact. Obviously, this purple sight can be embarrassing in social gatherings, and models have found a device way to get around the problem. A light coat of vaseline on their teeth and lips before drinking red wine, and viola… the problem is solved! (I’m not sure how safe or practical that is for your daily tipple, though…)

Well, we’ve clued you in on the top 3 offenders, in terms of tooth-staining beverages. Are you guilty of frequent indulgences in these liquids? Well, studies have quoted some amazing health-boosting benefits of coffee, tea and red wine. And we know it’s hard to kick a dietary habit. You probably love the taste of these beverages too much to give them up, regardless of your brown, yellow, purple, multi-colored smile. Fret not, most of these tooth discolorations can be minimized and reversed through good oral hygiene practices and tooth whitening

Brush and gargle your teeth often, and reduce your consumption of these staining beverages, if you can. When the tooth stains become too obvious, and start to bother you, there are a whole host of tooth whitening options in the market. Just be careful of the hype and false promises out there, and learn to discern the lies from the facts. Your teeth are a precious asset. Take care of them well!

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How Do The Cosmetic Dentists Make Our Smile Beautiful?

Are misaligned teeth problem for you? Have they been stopping you from flashing a smile? Many people suffer from teeth problems that destroy their confidence and prevent them from smiling their whole lives. Imagine if you could just get your teeth fixed in a matter of hours, wouldn’t it then be great to get that perfectly gorgeous smile so quickly and conveniently?

If you have been having problems with your teeth and wish to get them fixed, read through our most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures to find out which among them best suits your needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures


Perhaps the most popular and commonly sought cosmetic dental option in the world. It is worn by children, teens and adults. Braces align the teeth and close the gaps in between them. They are brackets glued to the front of the teeth and linked together by an archwire that pressures the teeth to align. Nowadays, one can choose modern braces over the traditional ones as they are made from clear plastic and hence are invisible. You can also request them to be personalized according to your color of choice.


Whitening is another cosmetic dental option sought by those looking for ways to enhance the whiteness of their teeth. It makes use of peroxide-based materials that can cleanse the teeth from any discolorations. There are two types of whitening systems. One is the in-home air polisher which involves a custom-fitted tray lined with bleaching gel and worn at home for up to two hours daily. And the other is called the in-office system or chairside bleaching. In this system, the patient is being treated at the office of the dentist, who places gel directly on the patient’s teeth and then exposes the teeth to a laser light that oxidizes stains or discolorations. In a matter of one hour, teeth can become significantly white after the treatment.

Furthermore a truly great practitioner will take the long-term health and appearance of your smile into consideration. Instead of opting in for short-term results, make sure you work with a cosmetic dentist who wants to keep you looking, and performing, as great as possible for as long as possible.

Now, you’re probably wondering what procedures fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. You will have many different options at your disposal when you go to your dentist. The most common and famous cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. This is a procedure where your dentist will remove stains and brighten the hue of your teeth a noticeable number of shades by using a chemical solution.

However there are many procedures your Queens cosmetic dentist can perform other than teeth whitening. A great dentist can straighten your teeth, repair damaged teeth (such as chipped teeth), and they can replace any missing teeth you might have or otherwise enhance the appearance of crooker or misaligned elements of your smile.

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