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Teeth Whitening Pens Can Whiten Your Smile

Over the years our teeth gradually begin to get dark and we see more stains from consuming such products as coffee, red wine, soda and even cigarettes. As this happens we also find ourselves smiling openly, less often and even shying away from events where we will be meeting new people. Studies have show that as this happens we start to lose confidence and self-esteem especially in social situations. Although you may want to do something about the discolouration of your teeth you may not have the time or money to go through the complicated and often expensive procedure of visiting a cosmetic dentist for repeated whitening sessions. It’s now easier than ever to regain that beautiful and healthy smile you once had by using the bright smile whitening pen in the privacy and comfort of your own home without the high cost of dental visits.

Bright smile whitening pens provide a safe, effective and gentle solution to regaining that clean and healthy smile. There is no need for bleaching trays or repeated visits to the dentist and you will see dramatic results after just a few simple applications. Because this special system uses a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide it is safe and gentle and the results are long lasting, leaving you with a natural glowing smile. It is a system that has the convenience of being able to be used on the go, no matter where you are. Keep your teeth looking their best while away on vacation or before that important job interview. Improve your self-esteem by knowing that you will be comfortable and confident smiling and laughing in any social or professional situation.

A teeth whitening pen is a cost-effective innovation in dental care. For one thing, it is very easy to use. You only have to rotate the bottom part of the pen to dispense the gel. What makes this certain gel remarkably effective is the essential component in it that makes teeth whiter: hydrogen peroxide. At lower concentrations, it is proven and tested to be safe and effective. The gel covers the teeth and starts dissolving any stain particle and formations.

However, it is important to bear in mind that too much use of the teeth whitening pen can yield uneven results. As such, to get better result and uniform bleaching it is advisable to employ a special brush tip. This particular special brush tip is handy and doubly dependable. Not only can it help in removing stains, it can also whiten the teeth just in a matter of minutes. It is also very convenient, too. You may use it anywhere, anytime–very ideal for people always on the go.

But then again, what’s most important is that you maintain a good oral hygiene. It is also important to bear in mind that for optimal dental care, brushing and flossing with detachable scaler handpiece   is necessary albeit the countless dental care products available in the market today. Ultimately, you should take care of your teeth to get the optimum result.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. It radiates the friendliness. So, why not keep that smile glowing and your teeth white with a teeth whitening pen.

Bright Smile And Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you noticed that no matter how many times and how long you brush your teeth, they don’t seem to get any brighter? Are you in search of ways to get bright white teeth? Then you try some Brite smile teeth whitening techniques which are very effective. There are actually plenty of ways you can get that perfect smile, and here are just a few of them:

Using Whitening Strips. Using these strips is real easy. All you have to do is press the strips onto your upper and lower teeth for thirty minutes every twelve hours. Then after a week or two, your teeth should be whiter than ever. These strips are also very affordable and can be used at home.

Using Whitening Gels. Have you ever experience your dentist sticking a gel and non water-bottle scaler  like substance onto your teeth which is supposed to strengthening it against cavities? Whitening gels are applied onto your teeth in a similar fashion. Be sure to buy these gels from your dentist because the ones sold in retail outlets are ineffective and unreliable when it comes to giving you bright white teeth.

Using Brush-On Whitening. This is probably the most ineffective among the three not because it doesn’t work, but because it requires an absurd amount of discipline and body control on your part. What happens is you spread the whitening substance on your teeth then wait for it to dry.
Then, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and you are placed in position for the laser treatment. Basically, the purpose of the laser is to accelerate the process by activating the whitening gel. Although many people are very happy with the results after one session, sometimes it will take several sessions with gel and compresseur à air  and laser if the teeth have a significant amount of staining or discoloration.

Like many convenient solutions, laser teeth whitening doesn’t come cheap. You can purchase a home teeth-whitening kit from the local drug or grocery store, and pay only a few dollars. For that outlay you’ll probably just get a whitening toothpaste and compresseur portatif , but you can usually get the more sophisticated gel or molding based whitening kits for under $100. Laser teeth whitening is more likely to cost you between $500 and $1,000, depending on the dentist you visit and any extra services provided.

Still, if you’re serious about having a beautiful, white smile, and don’t mind the effect on your hip pocket, laser teeth whitening is a quick and simple solution. So the choice is simple – do you want a white smile fast, or do you want to save your money? You’re the only one who can make that choice.