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Prevent Periodontal Diseases

Perhaps few people would know that the normal pink gums, bacteria have a good force arrived in Hangzhou. If the brush toothbrush bleeding, then there may be a periodontal disease. Experts point out that periodontal disease can be foreseen hair or not, as long as usual more carefully, it is not difficult to find. Experts said that most oral diseases from everyday seen in, for example, there is blood on the toothbrush when brushing your teeth, there is blood on the food when you bite of food; look in the mirror, swollen gums, touched on bleeding, gingivitis these are instructions; if you wait until there are different degrees of loose teeth, root exposure or swollen gums, etc., have been developed to explain the periodontal disease.

Encounter these problems, many people are taking their own medicines; if there is no effect, it will switch to other anti-inflammatory drugs. Withdrawal symptoms cease to follow, there also continue to take medicine again; and again. Experts believe that early periodontitis symptoms are not obvious until exacerbations will involve the teeth in the mouth, causing loss and the formation of deep periodontal pockets severe periodontal support tissues, eventually leading to loose teeth loss.

“Do not get angry, as the pain is trivial, periodontitis development of late stage to seek treatment too late, loose teeth difficult to retain, had to pull out.” Experts advise that adults lose their teeth, they do not president the teeth of another deputy. Had periodontitis, as long as through careful design and system diagnostic treatment, periodontal disease can be controlled.

Periodontitis is also divided into many types, such as simple gingivitis, acute necrotizing gingivitis. No matter what kind of periodontal disease, if not aggressive prevention and treatment of inflammation was chronic progressive development will destroy periodontal health unknowingly, to develop a detailed treatment plan, perform sequential treatment. So when the symptoms of periodontitis occurs, sure to please Dental experts regular hospital to be checked. The key lies in the daily treatment of periodontitis prevention, prevention is far better than treatment. Experts believe that the main cause of periodontal disease induced by poor oral hygiene. There are gaps between the teeth and teeth, also called gingival sulcus, if food waste remains in the cracks, it will promote bacterial growth, long-term accumulation, coupled with the precipitation of calcium in saliva, will form hard calculus. Calculus directly affect periodontal health, but also to expand the bacteria breeding base.

As the saying goes disease from the mouth, oral disease is especially true for common periodontitis and eating habits and the food we eat are closely related. Therefore, prevention of periodontitis we should pipe shut, start from the diet.

Eat Salmon

A recent study found that eating salmon and nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, help prevent gum disease or periodontitis. So we want to eat more polyunsaturated fatty acids containing rich foods to prevent periodontitis. New study leader Dr. Massachusetts Naqvi said inversely proportional correlation between omega-3 fatty acid intake and periodontal disease. It helps fight inflammation and reduce the chance of gum inflammation. Prevention and treatment of periodontitis with diet, more convenient and secure than other methods of scaling or medication. The researchers also noted that the polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich foods, the most prominent is the deep-sea fatty fish, such as salmon. In addition, various types of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and other polyunsaturated fatty acids are also good sources.

Eating raisins defense “Fire teeth”

Within raisins contain a variety of compounds that inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, is conducive to healthy teeth and gums, can effectively prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. Chinese medicine believes that raisins can detoxify, can prevent “fire teeth.”

Periodontal Diseases Increase The Risk Of Having Other Diseases

Teeth like a mirror, can reflect the health of the body, as well as the risk of disease onset. However, in the Chinese Stomatological prevention of oral medicine committee chairman, Ninth People’s Hospital, Professor of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University Division of Oral prevent children Feng Xiping opinion, people emphasis on dental health is not enough.

Mayo Clinic study found that 35-year-old before the start of tooth loss is one of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, if teeth are bad, then the risk he suffered from dementia will increase. In addition, the condition of the teeth can also reflect the bones, the usual jaw bone damage can lead to tooth loss or toothache, etc., and under normal circumstances, the jaw bone injury means that there are other skeletal injuries, so we can say, premature tooth loss is one sign of osteoporosis. The degree of wear of the teeth but also to some extent reflects the diet problem, there are problems with eating disorders who will be more severe tooth wear corrosion; anorexia may result in tooth sensitivity.

And periodontitis as a local organization of infectious diseases, the disease will affect the general health, and even aggravate other diseases. China Dental Prevention Foundation and the Chinese Stomatological Association jointly released data show that periodontal disease-causing bacteria into the bloodstream, it may cause bacterial endocarditis, and therefore likely to suffer from coronary heart disease periodontitis periodontal 1.5 times normal, the probability of occurrence of stroke is 2.1 times the normal periodontal.

Periodontal disease has been listed as the sixth complication of diabetes, high blood sugar environment can stimulate the secretion of a large number of inflammatory mediators, trigger excessive inflammatory response, causing periodontal tissue damage. Research shows that diabetic patients with mild periodontitis proportion of glycemic control in diabetic patients with severe periodontitis good about six times. Compared with mild periodontitis, severe periodontitis can cause the size of vascular lesions in diabetic patients was significantly higher probability of occurrence.

In addition, pregnant women suffering from severe periodontitis probability of occurrence of preterm low birth weight children was 7.5 times the periodontal health of pregnant women; the incidence of chronic respiratory disease in persons with poor oral hygiene are 1.3 times those of good oral hygiene; due to caries or periodontal after illness caused by missing teeth, due to chewing function decline, will directly cause indigestion.