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Brighten Your Smile With Those Teeth Whitening Methods

Individuals looking for safe teeth whitening methods must know that their best bet is to go for home remedies that are known to be effective in cleaning the teeth and in giving it a nice glow. One of the advantages of home remedies over commercial products is of course the fact that you can get them for a cheap price. Some you may even get for free if you have a well-stacked kitchen cupboard. But the real benefits though using natural homemade products is that they are safe, not only to the teeth but for the general health of the individual. This means that you can use these remedies with confidence which is something that you cannot do with the most of the commercial products that are out in the market.

If you are looking for convenience then you can opt for all natural products that can be bought in natural food stores and through natural health websites. Some of these products may cost more than your average commercial fare but they are made with premium ingredients and they are just as safe as using homemade remedies. Some of the ingredients that you should look out for when buying all natural teeth whitening products are baking soda, peppermint and other mints, tea tree oil, herbs and xylitol as a natural and safe sweetener.

Strips and Gels

Gels used for whitening the teeth are transparent and these peroxide-based gels directly spread over the exterior of the teeth with a small brush. In general, they are used twice a day for 14. Early effect is noticed within a few days while end results are seen in four months of constant use.

Whitening strips are covered with peroxide-based whitening gel and are extremely thin, almost unseen. It is administered two times a day for 30 minutes up to 14 days. The first effect is seen in a few days after and the final effect four months later.


The most recent whitening products like dental burs in the market are the whitening rinses. Just like a mouthwash, they refresh the breath and eliminate dental plaque and gum diseases. It also contains hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. Basically, the result is seen 12 weeks after regular use.

It is gargled inside the mouth about 60 seconds twice daily prior to brushing the teeth with dental lab equipment. Still it is not as effective compared to other OTC whitening products according to the specialists. It is mainly for the reason that whitening rinses get in touch with the teeth for a short period of time.

Tray-Based Tooth Whiteners

This tray-based tooth whitening product includes stuffing the mouthguard-like tray with gel whitening solution containing peroxide-bleaching substance. The tray  is worn for a certain time-approximately a couple of hours per and up to four weeks or more depending on the severity of the stain and whitening satisfaction. It can be bought over-the-counter or from the dentist.

Teeth Cleaning Is Good For Your Oral Health

The main purpose of teeth cleaning can prevent oral diseases not improving your look. With teeth cleaning, we can prevent gingivitis and periodontistis. But teeth cleaning can’t cure periodontal absolutely. To cure periodontal disease, should also be carried out after scaling further professional treatment.

Dental scaling is a highly professional job, practitioners go through rigorous training to be competent. Now available in a number of beauty salons and even teeth cleaning clinics with dental lab equipment, purchase of equipment to carry out a simple scaling operations, these places are cheap, but other personnel, equipment and management of customs, however, will give patients the following questions: first First, just to clear the surface of the teeth tartar, leaving a pathogenic role strongest deep tartar, reach the purpose of prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Second, the scaling process may damage the gums, especially after exposure to remove tartar but failed to root out further professional treatment, which not only causes pain patients, but also aggravate periodontal disease . Third, can easily cause cross-infection. So people should think scaling to a regular hospital, looking for trained medical personnel in order to avoid the consequences of ending up damaged teeth cleaning teeth appear.
Dental scaling is good for our oral health, but it is not suit for everyone, especially some of the people who suffer from systemic diseases. Scaling will be bleeding, so patients with bleeding disorders, must be carefully chosen scaling time scaling to be stable after the systemic disease. Patients suffering from hepatitis and tuberculosis and other infectious diseases before scaling, should truthfully to the medical staff  with dental curing light to explain their situation, patients with acute hepatitis and tuberculosis active should wait until after the scaling of acute communicable disease control.