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Healthy Smile Without Inflamed Gum

The early symptoms include inflammation or infection of gums whereby gums appear swollen, tender, red and purplish in color. Swollen gums that appear shiny are the first symptom of Periodontitis treatment. Infected gums bleed easily, even on gentle brushing. They are tender to touch but do not cause any pain at all. Teeth seem to become loose and bad odor fills the mouth at frequent intervals. All these symptoms are enough to show that the person is suffering from Periodontitis gum disease.

The preliminary stage of infection resembles gingivitis but the infection spreads from gums to ligaments and bone, supporting the tooth. The tooth starts loosening due to loosened ligaments. This is followed by fall-out of tooth, eventually. Periodontitis treatment with matériel dentaire is one of the main causes of tooth fall-out. It develops in teenage and prolongs till adult to make a dreadful effect on the gums and tooth. Plaque and tartar accumulate at the base of teeth and leads to development of pocket between gums and teeth.

It is said that “Prevention is better than cure” and it holds true in the case of Periodontitis. The treatments are available as per the severity of infection. The very first step involves removal of tartar and plaque from the surface of infection. When the infected part is removed then root planning promotes root reconnection with their respective tooth. This way the pocket between the gums and tooth is greatly reduced and tooth connection is promoted.

If your inflamed gums stem from poor nutrition, take steps to eat a healthier diet and incorporate more Vitamin C into your food intake. You might also consider taking a Vitamin C supplement. Improving your nutrition can improve your gum health and make you feel healthier overall with dental handpiece.

While taking measures to get rid of inflamed gums and preventing them from coming back, you may want to consider a variety of pain relieving options. To treat the pain associated with gum inflammation, try gargling with a warm salt water mixture several times per day. This will help soothe the pain of irritated gums. Ice can also be an effective, though temporary, pain reliever. Another method like ultrasonic cleaner is to apply clove oil or aloe vera gel directly to the gums. And lastly, try placing boiled tea bags (please let them cool down) directly on your gums to reduce the swelling.

Side Effects Make The Teeth Whitening Treatment Not Perfect

In many countries around the world, teeth whitening has become less and less of a perceived luxury. Although many brides and grooms opt for professional tooth whitening for aesthetic reasons before their big day, discolored teeth often occur due to improper maintenance and, if not attended immediately, may result in fillings, root canals or even the inevitable removal of teeth. Even though professional treatments are growing in popularity, some still prefer a home remedy or dental equipment for whitening their teeth. Some people purchase whitening kits from the drug stores and use the kits based on the instructions provided. The big question is, are these over the counter solutions free of any side effects?

While tooth whitening is not a cure-all for the structural health of your teeth, early intervention is a must for discolored teeth. If ignored, the discolored teeth the yellow deposits and stains penetrate into the roots of the teeth and can harm the teeth permanently. Attending to the teeth early can save them. Proper brushing twice a day is one way to help slow the onset of discolored teeth. But, due to aging, the yellow deposits that have been accumulated in the teeth cannot be removed just by brushing properly with matériel dentaire. In such cases people make the move to teeth bleaching.

Sometimes, dentists use peroxide solution as the teeth bleaching agent. Teeth bleaching agents should be applied only to the teeth and should not get into the contact of muscles and gums. Since teeth bleaching agents may cause irritation to the soft tissues, dentists must take extra care while using the peroxide bleaching agents. Teeth bleaching side effects like sensitivity is quite common however, even after proper professional bleaching.

Discomfort during the Procedure

Discomfort is an issue for many patients during the teeth whitening procedure as the UV lights and laser treatments can become warm through the entire procedure. For this reason, the patient that is going through the procedure is protected by using cloth and gauze which is applied to the areas of the mouth that are exposed to the lights through the procedure. This can help to alleviate and prevent the discomfort throughout the procedure as well as after the procedure has been completed.

Increased Gum Sensitivity

Increased gum sensitivity is one of the major complaints that patients have after undergoing the teeth whitening procedure. Although the dental professional that is completing the procedure will cover these areas to protect the skin around the mouth, the mouth and the lips and gums from the lasers and détartreur dentaire there are many patients that still experience sensitivity.

Knowing these side effects before choosing to undergo the procedure can help the patient to decide if in-office teeth whitening procedures are right for them. At the initial consultation with the dentist that is going to perform the whitening process will be completed in which these potential side effects that may occur from the whitening treatment.